Portmanteau border cities/towns

Source: cityprofile.com

Source: cityprofile.com

Below is a list of portmanteau (hybridized) city and town names taken from two bordering states, provinces, or countries. In some instances they are dual cities (Texarkana, Delmar, and Texhoma) occupying both sides of the border, while others are individual communities that are proximate to the border.

A couple of fun trivia factoids I discovered while preparing this post:

  • Four of the communities listed refer to three states – Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada (CA-NV-AZ); Kenova, West Virginia (KY-OH-WV); and Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas (TX-AR-LA).
  • Only two portmanteau cities or towns on the list are across a river or a body of water from one or more of their partial namesake(s) – Kenova, West Virginia and Vershire, Vermont.
  • Mexicali and Calexico are part of one international conurbation area.

Source: en.wikipedia.org

If you know of any others, especially outside the United, please send them along. Enjoy!

  • Arkoma, Oklahoma
  • Calexico, California
  • Calneva, Caifornia
  • Cal-Nev-Ari, Nevada
  • Delmar, Delaware and Maryland
  • Florala, Alabama
  • Illiana, Illinois
  • Kanorado, Kansas
  • Kenova, West Virginia
  • Mardela Springs, Maryland
  • Marydel, Maryland
  • Mexicali, Mexico
  • Michiana, Michigan
  • Michiana Shores, Indiana
  • Monida, Montana
  • Pen Mar, Maryland
  • Tennga, Georgia
  • Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas
  • Texhoma, Oklahoma and Texas
  • Texico, New Mexico
  • Ucolo, Utah
  • Uvada, Utah
  • Vershire, Vermont
  • Virgilina, Virginia

Sources: personal knowledge, 2014 Rand McNally Road Atlas, mapquest.com, and en.wikipedia.org

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