Can you guess the city, #6?

The superbly detailed satellite image below is of a city that is celebrating its 250th birthday in 2014.  Good luck to all. Enjoy!

Congratulations to Dianconu for being the first person to correctly identify City #5.



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12 Responses to Can you guess the city, #6?

  1. I’m thing St. Louis. I only know because I just saw a post on the new I-70 bridge!


  2. Meant to type “thinking”–but it did not come out that way, thanks to spellcheck on an iPhone


  3. Motorvilleboy says:

    Wow, it’s incredible how the light level drops off at the city limits! I had no idea. St. Louis city is solid-gold bright and you can virtually see the line between city and suburbs where that ends at the western boundary. Now if Detroit could just get its street lights working again…


  4. Patrick says:

    For those of us clicking through from reddit, it sucks to have spoilers for the previous city in the first line!


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