Cities with the best 2013 rental occupancy rates in the USA



Here is a newly released list by Multifamily Executive magazine of the 10 American metropolitan areas with highest multiple-family housing occupancy rates in 2013. It is interesting to note that only one of these urban areas is situated in the Western United States – Santa Rosa, California.

1. Naples, Florida 97.5 percent

2. Lansing, Michigan 97.0 percent

3. Santa Rosa, California 96.9 percent

4. North Port, Florida 96.4 percent

5. Providence, Rhode Island 96.3 percent

6. Nassau, New York 96.3 percent

7. New York City, New York 96.3 percent

8. Minneapolis, Minnesota 96.0 percent

9. Nashville, Tennessee 95.8 percent

10. Miami, Florida 95.8 percent

National Average = 94.0 percent


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