Can you guess these cities, #7 and #8?

This next one (actually two) I think will be tough. Below is a satellite image of two major cities that are located in close geographic proximity to one another. Because the names of the cities were in the URL, clicking on the photo will not enlarge it.

Two hints – they are not Dallas-Fort Worth and a significant annual event will be celebrated in both cities on Friday, January 31st.

Congratulations to H. Pike for being the first to correctly identify City #6.

Good luck to all on guessing one or both of these major urban centers.



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6 Responses to Can you guess these cities, #7 and #8?

  1. JoJo Monkey says:

    Its Taijin in the upper left and Beijing in the lower right!


  2. Renelle says:

    I agree with JoJo……mostly. Beijing is in the upper left and Tianjin in the lower right. The Jan 31st clue gave it away for me.


  3. davidalajohnson says:

    St. Petersburg and Moscow


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