From John Lennon to Mozart – airports named for famous musicians


Statue of John Lennon at Liverpool John Lennon airport – Source;

This blogpost is not about a new game akin to musical chairs, though given the number of commercial airports around some cities, musical airports might be a game some travelers must play on occasion.  Instead, it is about those commercial airports that have been named or renamed for well-known musicians and composers. There are more musical airport eponyms than you may think. Below is the list of ten that I have come up with, along with an 11th identified by Xavier, and a 12th identified by Tim after publication. If you happen to know of any other commercial airports named for musicians/composers and other music-related persons, I would be pleased if you could pass them along. Enjoy!



  • Budapest, Hungary – Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport (renamed in 2011)
  • Donetsk, Ukraine – Donetsk Sergei Prokofiev International Airport
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom – Liverpool John Lennon International Airport (renamed in 2002)
  • Mar Del Plata, Argentina – Astor Piazzolla International Airport (renamed in 2008)
  • Mindelo, Cape Verde IslandsCesaria Evora International Airport (renamed in 2012) – Thank you for the addition, Tom.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana Louis Armstrong International Airport (renamed in 2001)
  • Ostrava, Czech RepublicLeos Janacek Airport
  • Parma ItalyGiuseppe Verdi Airport
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (thank you Xavier for the addition)
  • Poznan, PolandHenryk Weiniawski Airport
  • Salzburg, Austria Wolfgang A. Mozart International Airport
  • Warsaw, Poland – Warsaw Frederic Chopin International Airport (renamed in 2001)

One interesting tidbit – John Lennon actually worked at the Liverpool Airport for a short time when he was a young man. There is a statue of this famous founder of The Beatles overlooking the check-in hall, along with a quote (“above us only sky”) from his epic song Imagine, and an artistic “Yellow Submarine” at the airport’s entrance.



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18 Responses to From John Lennon to Mozart – airports named for famous musicians

  1. Simon says:

    One more for you – Munich Strauss – Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß


  2. Timgo says:

    There is another one at least – Cesaria Evora Infernational Airport at Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands. She was a great singer, world-renowned, kind of West African Ella Fitzgerald. Check her out.


  3. Tim Gopsill says:

    Just out of interest – gave you a good one last July (above) which you have ignored. Is it …. because she was a woman? Don’t they count?


  4. problogic says:

    The post has been updated. Sorry about the delay, Tim.


  5. Gabor Somogyi-Toth says:

    Liszt Ferenc (Franz Liszt) International Airport, Budapest, Hungary. named after Liszt at his 200th birthday in 2011.

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  6. alexandra says:

    The small Atuona airport of Hiva Oa (Polynesia) has a terminal named after Jacques Brel, singer and songwiter.

    Liked by 1 person

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