New mega-skyscrapers coming to LA and NYC


Wilshire Grand – Source:

Just in the past week or so, the designs for two new champion-scale skyscraper projects have been revealed. In Los Angeles, demolition of existing structures is underway, and construction of the tallest building on the West Coast will start soon, while in New York City, construction has begun on what will be the world’s tallest residential tower along Park Avenue.

The Wilshire Grand (top of page) is s particularly handsome and appealing architectural design. Here is a cool image of it superimposed on the existing LA skyline:



Below is a rendering of 432 Park Avenue, which appears rather boxy and could use a little more panache than is depicted in this image.


432 Park Avenue Source:

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2 Responses to New mega-skyscrapers coming to LA and NYC

  1. The L.A. building looks nice, but do I really want to be on the top floor when The Big One hits, engineering advances notwithstanding?
    The Park Avenue building looks a lot like the architect’s middle finger.


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