Oh, what might have been…

Source: detroitcurbed.com

Source: detroitcurbed.com

Here is a weblink to a fascinating blogpost by Christian Salcedo and Paul Beshouri about Detroit’s bid to host the 1968 Summer Olympics. I had no idea that Detroit had bid on hosting the olympics six different times and nearly won them in 1968.

As we all know, Mexico City won the opportunity, but one certainly has to wonder about what might have been (on a whole variety of levels), if Detroit, Michigan had been given this “golden” opportunity. Kudos to both authors on a great and thought-provoking post.


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One Response to Oh, what might have been…

  1. Mike Unsworth says:

    Frankly, I think it would have made Detroit a worse place. There would have been more urban removal for the poor, exacerbating the alienation of the African American community. I doubt if blacks would have gotten a good chunk of the construction jobs. The 1967 riot might have come sooner. Even if it didn’t I think the Olympic venues would have been prime targets. Olympic venues are money sucks. Colorado was right in seventies to vote against the 1976 Denver Winter Olympics.


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