Double-dipping city/town names

Many of us remember the hilarious double-dip scene above from Seinfeld. Below is my list of cities and towns with double-dipping names. Please feel free to send along any others that I may have overlooked. Enjoy!

Sources: personal knowledge and

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6 Responses to Double-dipping city/town names

  1. Steven Van Steenhuyse says:

    Great list! When I wrote the Master Plan for Paw Paw, MI, it was extremely frustrating because MS Word kept flagging the second “paw” as a repeated word!

    Another type of municipality-naming double dipping: A frustration from my Michigan consulting days was keeping straight the cities/villages located in townships with the same name. It was very important to the client that you not confuse one with the other! .

    Also, I would add Bora Bora in the French Society Islands to your list!


  2. ker says:

    new york does not belong to this interesting list (bravo), though


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