Can you guess the city, #20?

Below is a satellite image of City #20. Congratulations to Mousecat for being the first to correctly identify City #19.

BTW – It is getting increasingly difficult to post these on Linkedin as they are being interpreted by some as “promotion.” As a result, many who have enjoyed this fun activity are no longer able to access the images like they used to. Please consider writing Linkedin, particularly the managers for planning and geography groups, and ask them to allow these to be posted. Not everything has to be serious.  Thanks!



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13 Responses to Can you guess the city, #20?

  1. Ahmad Faisal Alias says:



  2. Allen Hansen says:

    Perth, Australia?


  3. David Duvall says:

    Puerto Vallarta


  4. David Duvall says:

    Is it Adelaide, Australia


  5. Motorvilleboy says:

    Aha, Adelaide, Australia!


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