“Oblivion” – one hell of a sci-fi flick

Source: collider.com

Source: collider.com

We never got a chance to see Oblivion in the theaters last year, so Kathy and I watched the movie on dvd last night. Wow, what a terrific film! Oblivion is easily one of my all-time favorite science fiction films, likely second, behind Contact and Gravity. Beneath its apocalyptic tale and action sequences, Oblivion is a wonderful and inspiring love story.

Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman are excellent – best Tom Cruise movie since The Last Samurai in 2003. But the two characters that really captured my imagination, and in one case Tom’s, were Julia, who was played by Olga Kurylenko and Vika (Victoria) played by Andrea Riseborough.

Another favorite aspect of the film was the soundtrack by France’s M83 (see video below). All told, Oblivion is one hell of a great sci-fi movie, action movie, and romantic movie all rolled into one, but beware of the Scavengers.

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