Louisville’s East End mega-bridge/tunnel project

Source: eastendcrossing.com/

Source: eastendcrossing.com

Scheduled to open in 2016, the East End Bridge and Tunnel project will fill an existing gap in the Interstate 265 Beltway northeast of downtown Louisville and provide the first fixed Ohio River crossing (a 2,500 foot long cable-stayed bridge with a 1,200 foot main span) between the city’s northern suburbs (near Utica, Indiana) and its eastern suburbs (near Prospect, Kentucky). Currently, one must travel into downtown Louisville or north to Madison, Indiana to cross the river between these two points.


Source: eastendcrosing.com

As an avid bike commuter, an aspect of the project that I really like is the inclusion of a separated 13-foot wide pedestrian/bicycle trail on the bridge for active transportation users.

Source: eastendcrossing.com/newsroom/media-kit

Source: eastendcrossing.com/newsroom/media-kit

The 1,680 foot long East End Tunnel is designed for the expressway to avoid adversely impacting the historic Drumanard Estate on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River.

Source: eastendcrossing.com/

Source: eastendcrossing.com

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5 Responses to Louisville’s East End mega-bridge/tunnel project

  1. Matt says:

    Every time I use that tunnel I’ll be infuriated by the rich bastards that used their privilege to add to the cost of this unbelievably hateful project. No one associated with the project gives a damn about the City of Louisville and the Rich Bastard Bypass (Trademark Pending) is just the cherry on top.

    The bridges themselves are beautiful, the rest of the project is an ugly testament to the lack of vision in this city and state.


  2. Ron D. Altman says:

    This project has destroyed our wildlife, Red Fox, Yellow Tail Hawks, Eagles, Deer, Owl, and many more that I be leaved River Fields to be helping protect !!! We now have flooding into our Homes, the engineers said they had not foreseen this would be a problem!! I was then told nothing can be done.. It is not in there Budget , ( River Fields) Did we Drop The Ball ??$?? Now let’s support more Land Conservation, So we can go Dancing on The River!!


  3. william wright says:

    Having lived in the middle of this indescribable mess for three years; I can honestly say that it has been utterly destructive to business and resident alike. Having used both river road and U.S. 42, Prospect residents have been given no alternative to driving through filth, mud, strewn rocks and debris on a daily basis. It is impossible to travel down either road without finding yourself behind a speeding dump truck with no cover that is shedding shot rock onto the road and your car. Businesses have been adversely effected as commuters seek to avoid this mess. Walsh Construction Company has time and again been utterly derelict in their duty to minimize the impact on businesses and residents. Roads remain broken and strewn with pot holes six months after scheduled resurfacing. Silt fences are non existent and mud washes into out storm sewers and impacts our waterways and basins. Traffic congestion is both severe and confusing as there is little or no signage and the same on ramp to the Snyder is used by dump trucks returning for an additional load.

    The City of Prospect has been of little or no help and has done virtually nothing to mitigate the impact of this project on the utterly victimized residents and business owners. Police are not fining truck drivers for speeding and failing to use protective canvases designed to prevent rock displacement from their beds. Mud is routinely dragged thousands of feet down our roads and the police do not levy fines. Walsh construction has literally and deliberately lied to both the City of Prospect and it’s residents regarding the time schedule for resurfacing.

    In addition, the Water Company has seized upon this opportunity to replace water lines up and down U.S. 42. This has caused the butchering of beautiful trees and other foliage along the roadway. It has destroyed the entrances to at least two subdivisions. It has rendered the very means for entering and exiting One’s subdivision a hazard at best, through mud, cut out asphalt, broken pavement and cut out half filled in trenches.

    Metropolitan Sewer has not lifted one finger or levied the first fine for the complete lack of environmental protection provided by Walsh Construction or other involved entities. There are no silt fences, no rip wrap and no straw strewn to reduce erosion. Harrods Creek and other waterways and basins are constantly bombarded with mud, rock, oil from trucks and other hazards to the environment. Metropolitan Sewer has mud police that visit private development projects with the power to levy $1,000 per day fines on developers for mud or rock on streets, no sand bags in front of storm basins and or a lack of properly installed silt fencing. Yet no where along this project does there exist any of the above mentioned and MSD is no where to be found.

    When this project is complete, the result is that the east end bridge will serve as a bypass for trucking wishing to avoid downtown Louisville between Cincinnati and Indianapolis. This will create noise and make commuting for Prospect residents who must use 71 or 64 a much more unpleasant experience. The quality of life in Prospect will be severely diminished by the sound of trucks traveling the tunnel and bridge and that value of property will be negatively impacted.

    Worst of all, the press has been no where. There has been no coverage of this carnage or its impact on Prospect. There has been no television news coverage. There has been no editorializing. As it is obvious that there is collusion among the press, government, construction companies and Indiana land owners. And the people who will use this bridge, benefit and profit from this bridge are not the people who will live with this bridge.


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