Tallest prefab tower grows in Brooklyn

Source: bizjournals.com

Source: bizjournals.com

Currently under construction in Brooklyn, New York is the world’s tallest prefabricated tower – a 32 story, 322 foot tall apartment building containing 363 dwelling units. Erected much like individual Lego pieces, each of the 930 units is constructed offsite, transported to the location, and then hoisted and set/stacked into place. The B2 Tower is part of the Atlantic Yards development and will be completed by December of 2014.

Source: blog.archpaper.com

Source: blog.archpaper.com

It will be interesting to see what heights prefabricated construction will reach as technologies and construction techniques improve. Prefabricated (or modular) construction includes benefits of being economical and time efficient as its less likely to be delayed by weather.

It might be a tad passé to say, but, perhaps “the sky is the limit.”

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