Miami to join the super-skyscraper club x 2

One Bayfront Plaza (center) - Source:

One Bayfront Plaza (center) – Source:

Just ten days ago I wrote about Philadelphia’s foray into the elite 1,000 foot skyscraper club. Well, Miami is about to join this illustrious group as well, but not with just one sky-high tower, but two. As a result, the American chapter of the super-skyscraper club will soon consist of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, and now Miami. It won’t surprise this planner if more inductees join their ranks as a super-skyscraper boom is taking place around the globe. Can Dallas, Seattle, Austin, Charlotte, Denver, Boston, or even Detroit be far behind?



Greater Miami has no shortage of skyscrapers. Up and down the Southeast Florida coastline skyscrapers have blossomed for many years. However, one factor that has limited the height of towers in many parts of downtown Miami is its proximity to the flight path for Miami International Airport. As a result, until recently the bar had been set below 1,000 feet. That has changed as the FAA recently approved building heights of up to 1,010 feet. In addition, at least one developer is requesting approval to 1,049 feet. Below is a list of the two proposed buildings, one of which have city approval to start construction.



Add to these towers the planned 1,000 foot SkyRise Miami observation tower (see below) and the aesthetics and dynamics of Miami’s skyline are quickly changing.


SkyRise Miami (center) – Source:

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  1. There was a proposal for a 77 story building or something in Seattle to be taller than our current tallest which is mid-900′s. No one knows how serious the proposal is, but it was put out there into the public view. No listing of height was made:


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