Top US cities – protected green bike lane mileage



Below is a list of the twelve American cities with the most protected green bike lane mileage either completed or currently under construction as compiled by the Green Lane Project through February 28, 2014. The list does not include proposed or planned green bike lanes. With the exception of the Southeast, all geographic regions of the country are represented in this list. Kudos to these communities (Including my hometown of Indy) and The Green Lanes Project for taking the lead in providing safe and low-stress European-style cycling options. Hopefully, many more cities, including some here in Michigan will soon join the effort.

  1. New York City, NY = 45.51 miles
  2. Chicago-Evanston, IL = 29.00 miles
  3. Austin, TX – 13.50 miles
  4. San Francisco, CA = 12.94 miles
  5. Indianapolis, IN = 9.00 miles
  6. Washington, DC = 7.14 miles
  7. Boston-Cambridge, MA = 6.27 miles
  8. Champaign, IL = 6.23 miles
  9. Portland, OR = 5.23 miles
  10. Boulder, CO = 4.30 miles
  11. Seattle, WA = 3.51 miles
  12. Eugene, OR = 2.40 miles

Source: Green Bike Lane Project, “Inventory of Protected Green Bike Lanes,” as of 02/28/14

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4 Responses to Top US cities – protected green bike lane mileage

  1. Tim Potter says:

    They are a very nice facility indeed. Unfortunately the paint is extremely expensive. The bicycle coordinator for the University of Minnesota (where they had one small segment of a green lane) told me it’s something like $50 a linear foot, and like any road paint needs to be redone every few years.


    • Rick Brown says:

      True, but I think the protected part is as important as the green. One option that could last longer is to color the pavement material as it us being mixed- sort of like the sidewalk on Hamilton west of Okemos road.


  2. Jack says:

    This Austin “protected lane” People for Bikes called the #3 facility for the year.
    It is no doubt far more dangerous than the perfectly good bike lane it replaced.


    • Rick Brown says:

      Thanks for the info, Jack. Sorry to hear there are some problems. Hopefully they can be solved, but I would not throw out all protected green bike lanes due to the problems at one.


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