Incredible Dutch bicycling bridges

De Oversteek in Nijmegen - Source:

De Oversteek in Nijmegen – Source:

Above and below are a series of images of a few of the most spectacular and inspiring bicycle bridges you will ever see on this planet. All of them are located or proposed in the Netherlands – home of windmills, of canals, of tulips, and of two-wheeled pedal-powered transport. The Dutch bicycle culture is legendary and these artistic spans only add to that well-earned acclaim. I hope you enjoy viewing these engineering wonders as much as I do.

Nesciobrug in Amsterdam - Source:

Nesciobrug in Amsterdam – Source:


Melkwegbridge – Source:


Groningen Bicycle Bridge – Source:

The Hovenring in Eindhoven - Source:

The Hovenring in Eindhoven – Source:

The Twist in  - Source:

“The Twist” in Vlaardingen – Source:

Fietsbrug ‘t Groentje in Nijmegen - Source:

Fietsbrug ‘t Groentje in Nijmegen – Source:

Proposed mixed use bridge in Amsterdam - Source:

Proposed mixed use bridge in Amsterdam – Source:


Rendering of the completed Enschede Cycle Bridge – Source:

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12 Responses to Incredible Dutch bicycling bridges

  1. Andre Engels says:

    That last bridge in Enschede is not ‘proposed’ any more, but has been built by now. See


  2. innocent_bikestander says:

    It’s a far cry from Australian infrastructure for cyclists.


  3. tandemist says:


    Thanks for this info on bicycling bridges. I’m not personally aware of how many of these types of bridges exist in our country.

    I am aware of a new bike/ ped bridge that just recently opened in Portland Oregon that crosses the Willamette River between SW Moody Avenue on the east side with SW Kelly Avenue on the west side. It’s called the Gibbs Street Bridge and its only shortcoming thus far is the large (to accommodate a bike with trailer) elevator at the east end of the bridge that has seen a good bit of down time since first being put in use. I personally believe a circular ramp at each end of the bridge would best serve the needs of the users.

    Terry Nobbe

    A cyclist that rides in a legal predictable fashion will usually get respect from others.



  4. Upstate Ellen says:

    Nijmegen is also home to the Velorama National Bicycle Museum!



    Dear Rick, an other interesting bridge is situaties in Dordrecht., watch the video.


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