“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is a cinematic treat

Source: indiewire.com

Source: indiewire.com

We went to see acclaimed film, The Grand Budapest Hotel last night. Unique and eccentric hardly come close to describing the movie, but it appears everyone associated with the motion picture must have had a blast during filming and production. Throughout the movie there are offbeat moments (like a phone booth in the middle of a pasture) and Mel Brooks-like silly, deadpan jokes that tickle your funny bone, while the cinematic style, a la Edward Scissorhands or Beetlejuice, keeps you visually entertained like few movies can or have. Oh, by the way, the story is rather interesting too, though I have to admit it ended a tad abruptly for my tastes.

The cast is filled with featured stars and cameo appearances of a who’s who from Hollywood. Part of the fun is discerning the guest appearances behind those 1930s Eastern European themed make-up and wardrobes. Ralph Fiennes and Tony Revolori are both excellent as Gustave and Zero, while it was terrific to see Jeff Goldblum again.

Part of the fun of The Grand Budapest Hotel is that it is film style you rarely see anymore except perhaps at film festivals or at an art theater. If for no other reason, go see the movie to experience the film’s “atmosphere.” I think you will come away appreciating its artistic and cinamatic qualities as much as I did.

A word of caution. The R rating is deserved and there are several scenes not appropriate for youngsters…or the squeamish.

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