Great seaports from space – Southern Europe

For part two of this series, here are satellite images of seven great seaports of Southern Europe – Barcelona, Spain; Cadiz, Spain; Constanta, Romania; Genoa, Italy; Istanbul, Turkey; Marseilles, France; and Piraeus, Greece. The harbours almost resemble jagged teeth of a saw blade ripping into the adjacent waters (or alternatively into the urban form) and often stand in stark contrast to the orderly design of the city’s street grid – particularly evident in the images of Barcelona and Piraeus.

Barcelona, Spain - Source:

A magnificent view of Barcelona, Spain – Source:

Cadiz, Spain - Source:

Cadiz, Spain – Source:

Constanta, Romania -Source:

Constanta, Romania – Source:

Genoa, Italy - Source:

Genoa, Italy – Source:

Istanbul, Turkey - Source:

Istanbul, Turkey – Source:

Marseilles, France - Source:

Marseilles, France – Source:

Piraeus (Athens), Greece - Source:

Piraeus (Athens), Greece – Source:


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