Saying goodbye to a dear show



Tonight, the final episode of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) will be broadcast on CBS. HIMYM is a wonderful series that explores the lives and loves of five close friends. It is centered around Ted Mosby and the tale of how he met the future mother of his children. While a comedy, HIMYM routinely touches your heart in ways that few shows can and do. M*A*S*H could. Cheers could. Friends could. Big Bang Theory sometimes does. Modern Family does. And Suburgatory does.

HIMYM is also one of those television shows that grows on you. For the first five seasons, I didn’t even watch it. It was the reruns on local channels that introduced me to the softer and special side of this series – the part never shown in the highlights – the part that not only touches your heart, but carries it away.

Another unique aspect about the show is its appeal to all ages. While enjoying a pizza lunch yesterday, Kathy and I, as well as four of our children ages 19-24 who were with us, agreed that HIMYM is a special show and that we look forward to watching the finale episode airing tonight.

Were there silly episodes? Of course. Were there dumb episodes? Of course. Were there episodes that hit it out of the ballpark? Absolutely! And those are the episodes that will be the ones that everyone remembers and talks about for years to come. This season, there have been numerous keepsake episodes that we will all remember – Thank you to the cast and crew of How I Met Your Mother for years of happy memories.

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