A cut above – Detroit’s Dequindre Cut

Source: smithgroupjjr.com

Source: smithgroupjjr.com

For those out there that think Detroit’s a lost cause, the magnificent Dequindre Cut Greenway is an example of why you are wrong. Constructed along an abandoned below-grade rail corridor, the 1.35 mile greenway links some of Detroit’s coolest features – including the scenic 2.5 mile long RiverWalk, the vibrant Eastern Market, and the trendy Villages. Combine those with a world-class greenway for cyclists and pedestrians and some seriously hip graffiti artwork and you have the recipe for a Midwestern version of New York City’s High Line or Atlanta’s Belt Line.

Source: streetsblog.org

Source: streetsblog.org

Kudos to all those individuals and organizations involved in making the Dequindre Cut a post-industrial success story that truly is “a cut above” most other nonmotorized trails.

Source: freep.com

Source: freep.com



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3 Responses to A cut above – Detroit’s Dequindre Cut

  1. Rhonda says:

    It’s a nice looking greenway, and it appears that people are embracing it, but Detroit is still a lost cause and I’m not wrong about that. Lots of cities have greenways like this. Very few have the population loss and wide scale abandonment. I’ve listened to Detroit cheerleaders talk about a comeback since the late 1970s. That’s a long time to wait, and I respectfully suggest that this greenway is one senseless murder away from looking like the rest of your failed city.


  2. Phase II is currently underway. This part is called “Link Detroit” and will extend the pathway to the Wayne State/Cultural Center’s “Midtown Loop”. SEMCOG has recently awarded TAP funds for the expansion of this even farther in an effort to create a non-motorized network that will encircle the center City and link it to Highland Park, Dearborn, and the West Waterfront. That project is known as the “Inner Circle Greenway”.


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