36 minutes of bliss

Source: foreveryoga.com

Source: forever-yoga.com

One definite advantage of my work place is that it is located directly adjacent to several hundred acres of park land. As a result, I can wander, relax, bike, read a book, or participate in other activities during my lunch hour. When it is sunny and warm (but not too hot), I particularly like to lay on the seat of a picnic table or on a park bench to soak up the rays, listen to the birds, and feel soft breezes drift across me. After such a brutal winter as we just completed, these noon time siestas are at the very top of my list.

As a result, I usually get about 36+/- minutes of bliss and solitude to relax and recharge my batteries during the noon hour, before I must return to the office to eat lunch. Those 36 minutes are like a touch of heaven on Earth. Needless to say, during Earth Day or Earth Week, I appreciate the blessed beauty, peace, and serenity of our lovely planet even more during these lunch siestas.

Happy Earth Day 2014 to all.

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