A vision of velo purgatory

0501140949 (2)I recently stopped by the Michigan State University (MSU) Surplus Store and had to take a couple of photos (above and below) of the many forlorn bicycles that are caught in what appears to be best described as “quasi-velo purgatory” – somewhere in between new ownership nirvana and being recycled for scrap metal and parts. With more than 25,000 bicycles tooling about campus in a given school year, many are unceremoniously  abandoned by their owners only to be gathered and garnered by the school for resale and/or recycling. It is actually quite a sad sight to see, as some of these rusting metallic skeletons were once quite nice steeds.

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive second bike, a unique gift idea, pieces and parts, or a fixer-upper, consider stopping by the MSU Surplus Store (or at a college campus surplus store near you) and nurture a forlorn velo back from perdition to its once proud cycle-riding glory.

Fyi –  One of my next posts will be of images showing the variety of bike head badges and decals that were observed while at the MSU Surplus Store.  Stay tuned!

0501140949a (3)

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