How federal surface transportation funding should be allocated

While my preference would be for 0% go to new roads/bridges the pragmatist in me realizes this breakdown is slightly more plausible, albeit from a bicycling advocates viewpoint. 🙂

  • Mass transit (bus, BRT, light rail, commuter rail) = 20%
  • Intercity rail/bus = 20%
  • Non-motorized (bicycling and walking) = 20%
  • Road and bridge repair and maintenance = 30%
  • New roads or bridges = 10%
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3 Responses to How federal surface transportation funding should be allocated

  1. Pragmatically, allocating the new roads fraction to maintenance and repair at this date is getting to be awfully close to creating new infrastructure–existing roads and bridges being so starved of attention.


    • Rick Brown says:

      True – my list was a perfect world scenario, which we obviously do not live in.


      • Tell me about it. If it were a perfect world, my vocation and avocation would be the same, though I have no idea what it would be. It would be hard to write about bicycles because all my readers would be riding all the time. On the other hand, I could drink all the good beer I’d want, given that it would flow from the third faucet on my sink, cost nothing and actually lead to weight loss. And don’t get me started about the cinnamon rolls…


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