Ruining the net one ‘Mad ad’ at a time



I don’t know about all of you, but I find the increased blizzardization of advertising on the net to be quite annoying anymore. Given the trend lines depicted in the chart above, I fear it will only continue get worse. You can’t hardly watch any videos on YouTube without having to wait at least five seconds and usually much longer for Madison Avenue to bore you with some stupid advertisement. Then, as the video is playing, a pop-up annoyance opens at the bottom of the screen every 15 seconds or so. Some news websites would prefer to sell you something than warn the public of impending danger (say a tornado, earthquake, flood, etc.). Anything to make a freaking buck.

I can remember the good old days – just a decade ago, when you could watch videos or read stories online without being inundated with Mad ads. Some sites are so bad, you literally cannot find the “close” or “no thanks” icon to turn off the advertisement. Others keep popping up no matter how many times you hit the “back” or “refresh” button on your screen and/or keyboard. Sometimes, I just press control/alt/delete to get out of advertising purgatory.

My guess is that some enterprising young tech or marketing genius is going to figure out that buffeting people with the visually pollution of advertising only serves to dissuade them from using a website and will make a mint with less obtrusive advertising and marketing schemes. Or…a tech guru will figure out a way to avoid the ads altogether. Hopefully, one of these brainiacs comes along sooner versus later to save society from this scourge of Mad ads. You may now enjoy the advertisements appearing here on   🙂

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