Superhighway superhero

While traveling the Pennsylvania Turnpike on our way to Washington, DC last night we stopped at the Midway Service Plaza in Bedford. This recently updated plaza included a very interesting display on the history of the turnpike, Americas first superhighway. Numerous artifacts and collectibles were presented in the diorama.


Among them, was an intriguing display about a superhero I had never heard of or seen before – Turnpike Man!   Who knows what adventures Turnpike Man dealt with – filling potholes with a single shovel full; clearing/melting snow with a single breath; stopping runaway semis on steep mountain descents; holding back rock slides; or combatting his evil arch nemesis – the Toll Troll (I made that up).

So the next time you are traversing the Keystone State, keep an eye to the sky, for Turnpike Man may zip past on his way to performing superhero good deeds.

Betcha’ none of the guys from Big Bang Theory has a Turnpike Man!

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