Whose sidewalk is it anyway?

Source: heartlandluxuryhomes.com

Source: heartlandluxuryhomes.com

Recently, I have noticed two things about public sidewalks that seem to be amiss. The first is, why do property owners or businesses and their private landscapers insist on installing their sprinkler systems within the public right-of-way to water the green strip between the sidewalk and the curb? Walkers, joggers, and young cyclists are occasionally treated to unexpected or unappreciated showers when these things activate at their appointed times. Furthermore, far too often, this precious resource is wasted by watering the concrete sidewalk or asphalt driveway/street as the spray nozzles often seem to be aimed in the wrong direction.

Source: waterprogram@tamu.edu

Source: waterprogram.tamu.edu

Secondly, why are invisible fences allowed to be installed right up to the edge of the sidewalk? This allows aggressive dogs to run right up to those walking/jogging/pedaling by and scare the living daylights out of them. Except possibly during “doggy-in-training” periods, most people have no idea whether there is an invisible fence in place, whether it will even stop the dog, or whether the dog can reach you anyhow.

I love dogs just as much as the next person, but a minimum five foot setback from the edge of the sidewalk seems like a reasonable compromise versus being frightened for your personal safety when you pass the home of an angry dog. If anyone knows of a community or communities that has such an ordinance, please feel free to pass the information along. It would be most appreciated.

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