Saying goodbye to a beloved family pet

IMG_0374“Puppy, puppy, puppy.” That’s the call we heard from the Jack Russell Terrier breeder in Belleville, Michigan as we were first introduced to her litter of puppies in the fall of 1996. In response to the call, out from the barn came bounding a delightful litter of darling Jack Russell Terrier puppies who had been born back on August 21st. You could have sworn it was a scene out of 101 Dalmatians.

Among these tumbling, bumbling, rolling, polling bundle of energy, was a sweet, four-spotted (on her back) female that all of us fell in love with instantly. A few days later, Kellie was ours and we begin and nearly 18 year love affair with this fun-loving, hilarious, and goofy dog.

As a Jack Russell Terrier, she was full of endless energy, which worked well for a household with three boys. Most memorable were her welcomes home, as she would tear through the entire house in excitement, up and down the stairs, from one room to another, around and around like a wound-up toy gone wild. It was simply hilarious to watch. Even in her senior years, she still showed snippets of such enthusiasm, though more running around the first floor and kitchen than the entire house.


Other joyous memories include Kellie:

  • Chasing a soccer ball as a puppy with the boys in the back yard – it was much larger than her;
  • Sitting up on her bum and begging for food by moving her front paws up and down (see first photo at top of the post);
  • Barking at the waves on the lake;
  • Occasionally taking a dip in the lake;
  • Lying in sunbeams where ever they were around the house – I used to call her “beamer dog;”
  • Snuggling up next to you or on your chest while taking a nap;
  • Chasing flickers of light on the kitchen floor;
  • Licking the hardwood floors – I have no idea why;
  • Always insisting on riding in the front seat of the car;
  • Nearly catching a squirrel who was raiding our bird feeder;
  • Actually knowing which birds we didn’t like at the feeder (house sparrows, starlings, and crows) and barking at only them;
  • De-fuzzing tennis balls bit by bit;
  • Chasing balls across the house and then trying to slide to a stop on the wood floor; and
  • Many, many more.

I will always treasure each and every moment that Kellie was a part of our lives. She was the sweetest pet anyone could ever hope for and personified goodness. Rest in peace, dear Kellie – I love you!

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