Groot: A loveable and sentimental sentient



If you have not seen the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, please do. It is a fun and adventuresome cinematic treat for all ages.  Among the cast of very likeable heroes is Groot, a walking sentient tree a la the Ents of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Groot is not your average walking tree character, he is a funny, soft-spoken, thoughtful, kind and generous being who frankly steals the show despite his limited vocabulary.

Without giving away too much of the storyline, in one scene Groot offers up a small flower to a child who is among those escaping from the film’s villains, while in another scene he saunters up to a prison control center and removes a needed object while his buddy Rocket is still in the midst of describing their impending escape plan. Needless to say, Groot initiates the plan well before anyone else is even close to being ready to act upon it.

Why can’t we all be more like Groot? He is willing to take chances. He shows empathy and emotion. He cares for and protects his friends in times of need. He is soft-spoken and not only carries a big stick, but literally is one that come to life! Groot is one of those wonderfully endearing fictional characters that not only appears in a movie, but comes to epitomize the entire film. I, for one cannot wait to see the next installment. Kudos to the film makers, writers, and to Vin Diesel for an excellent job in bringing Groot to life before our eyes.

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