Scaling 8,144 foot Green Mountain in Boulder, Colorado

Enjoying the view from atop Green Mountain

Enjoying the view from atop beautiful Green Mountain

Last Saturday (October 11th), just 12 hours after arriving from Michigan, we undertook an arduous hike to the top of Green Mountain, Colorado. The weather forecast was poor for Sunday, so Saturday was our best opportunity to enjoy the splendid beauty of Colorado.


Green Mountain – Source:

At 8,144 feet, Green Mountain is a majestic peak located just southwest of Boulder. It offers stunning views of the Great Plains to the east, Denver to the Southeast, the Rocky Mountains to the west, and of Boulder to the northeast which are hard to beat (see photos). A brass plate topographical guide of the Rockies is provided on top of the cairn to reward those who complete the climb.

All told, the trip took three hours to scale the peak from Chautauqua National Historic Landmark, following the Baseline, Gregory Canyon, and Ranger Trails and then another three hours carefully climbing back down the Greenman, Saddle Rock, and Amphitheater Trails through rugged terrain, areas washed out by flooding in 2013, and past numerous piles of black bear scat.  The total elevation change our six-hour hike was approximately 5,600 feet.

Here are a few photos of the journey. Enjoy!


The Flatirons from along the Baseline Trail



A view of Boulder



The Rockies


Brass plate geographical guide on top of the cairn at the peak of Green Mountain

Brass plate topographical guide on top of the cairn at the peak of Green Mountain

A rain shower on the plains

A rain shower on the plains

Heading back down

Heading back down

Scaling a washout from the 2013 floods

Scaling a washout from the 2013 floods

Within the amphitheater

Within the amphitheater

Another view

Another rocky view

Back at Chautauqua

Back at Chautauqua at dusk


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