Slang terms for “rural”



Whether used in a positive or demeaning manner, here is a list of slang terms/phrases that are often used to depict a place as being rural. Please feel free to provide any other terms or phrases that I may have missed or was not aware of.

  • Appalachia
  • Backwater(s)
  • Backwoods
  • Boondocks
  • Boonies
  • Bush (thank you, Lynette)
  • Country
  • Countryside
  • Coves (thank you, David)
  • Exurbs
  • Farmland(s) (thank you Janco)
  • Green Acres
  • Hicksville
  • Hinterlands
  • Mayberry
  • Middle of nowhere
  • Nowhere
  • Nowheresville
  • Outback (thank you, Lynette)
  • Out in the sticks
  • Out in the woods
  • Podunk
  • RFD (Rural Free Delivery – added onto the place name, such as Mayberry, RFD)
  • Scrub (thank you, Lynette)
  • Sticks
  • ___tucky (fill in the blank portion and add “tucky”)
  • Wastelands
  • Wilds
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3 Responses to Slang terms for “rural”

  1. Ted says:

    Can confirm, Allentucky (Allendale, MI) checking in.


  2. Here in the mountains we use the term “coves.”


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