“Birdman” simply soars!

Source: theaveragemovienerd.com

Source: theaveragemovienerd.com

This film is what great moviemaking is all about! Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Amy Ryan, Andrea Riseborough, Naomi Watts, and the entire cast of Birdman give performances of a lifetime in this cinematic treat.

The cinematography is breathtaking as each scene seamlessly flows into the next one. It’s quite captivating and endearing. The audience literally becomes a member of the Broadway stage production company as you are presented with an all-acces pass via the film.

My humble predictions are Oscars for Mr. Keaton (best actor), Mr. Norton (best supporting actor), and Ms. Stone (best supporting actress), as well as for cinematography. In addition, the film will be a very strong contender for Best Picture of 2014.

Find a way to see Birdman. We traveled 60 miles to Ann Arbor and saw it with a full house at the historic and beautiful Michigan Theater.

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