Don’t be a slave to greed and materialism



This Thursday, November 27th, is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Until recently, it was a lovely day for families and friends to gather, give thanks, watch parades and football, and share a hearty meal. Yes, some renegade retailers have been open on Thanksgiving Day in the past, but they were the odd exceptions rather than the rule. Sadly, in the past decade, this most American of holidays has fallen under assault by the retail moneychangers of the world. What started out to be an annoying trend of opening at midnight, has grown into a full-fledged attack on the holiday with some stores such as Kmart opening as early as 6:00 a.m.

Greed, materialism, and pursuit of the almighty dollar are what’s driving this assault on Thanksgiving Day. But, it is not just the greed of retailers, it is also the greed and materialism of the American shopper. These stores would not open if YOU DID NOT SHOP AT THEM!

What bothers me even more than the greed factor, is the fact that so many Americans apparently do not give a flying leap about their fellow citizens who have to work on a sacred national holiday just to fulfill an insatiable desire for a bargain. It’s like retail employees are considered lesser Americans (or slaves) by those who insist on shopping that day. Well folks, they are not lesser Americans nor slaves, they are human beings with families and they deserve to have a quiet and restful day off before the busy holiday season just like the rest of us. In fact, kowtowing to materialistic overload actually makes the shoppers slaves to the almighty dollar too.

Sure, some people will always have to work on Thanksgiving Day – hospital employees, police, firefighters, and pharmacies all stand out as they are always needed for emergencies. Buying the latest toy craze or electronic gizmo DOES NOT NECESSITATE STORES BEING OPEN ON THANKSGIVING DAY. Anybody recall the adage, that “patience is a virtue?” Perhaps, we as a society should remember that now and then.

Please contact those retailers who are open on Thanksgiving Day and express your disappointment in their choice. Personally, I have chosen to not shop at any retailer that’s open on Thanksgiving Day throughout the holiday season. I have also expressed my disappointment to those stores on their individual Facebook pages.

If enough people speak up and chose not to participate, this unfortunate trend of turning Thanksgiving Day into just another shopping day can be reversed. Otherwise, I fear Thanksgiving Day will lose its importance, identity, and symbolism.

Source: boycottblackthursday

Source: boycottblackthursday

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3 Responses to Don’t be a slave to greed and materialism

  1. Why don’t we boycott ALL holiday “sales”(yes, even Xmas!)??? At least until more than 50% or more citizens can explain the original meaning and/or purpose for which their nation chose to dedicate the holiday???


  2. Earlier today I went to the local convenience store to claim my very modest winnings from a lottery ticket, and buy 2 more tickets. The guys who work there, and presumably own (well at least 1) it, seem to be immigrants from a far distant country which does not have our Thanksgiving. I would have to question whether it bothers them as much as it should Americans with deep roots here, to be open today. This store is an independent business and does not have to take orders from some giant impersonal corporation. I did some important shopping yesterday, planning to do mostly computer work today.


  3. Lala says:

    hahahaha….., Jean, you are such a bully, can you at least help a friend express some frustration


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