Where to become immersed in spa-town arts

Steamboat Springs, CO - Source: austinskiers.com

Steamboat Springs, CO – Source: austinskiers.com

Here’s a list of 15 towns in the US and Canada that were founded at the site of a mineral spring, a resort spa, or a hot water spring, and which now have also developed an active art community. They range from secluded mountain towns like Banff and Steamboat Springs to desert oases such as Palm Springs to beachfront communities like Ocean Springs and Tarpon Springs.


Yellow Springs, OH – Source: en.wikipedia.org

Each town listed above has its own unique set of attributes which fosters a vibrant and/or growing arts community. Most also benefit from being a delightful weekend retreat due to their close proximity to major cities, including:

  • Banff (Calgary)
  • Berkeley Springs (Washington, DC and  Baltimore)
  • Calistoga (San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento)
  • Dripping Springs (Austin and San Antonio)
  • Harrison Hot Springs (Vancouver)
  • Hot Springs (Little Rock)
  • Manitou Springs (Colorado Springs)
  • Palm Springs (Los Angeles and San Diego)
  • Saratoga Springs (Albany)
  • Tarpon Springs (Tampa-St. Petersburg)
  • Yellow Springs (Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati)

Next time you have some free time, check out one of these fine art towns. Not only are they home to a variety of artistic treats, but they’re a great place to become immersed in the warm waters of small(er) town charm and culture.


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