The visual wit of Ian Lockwood

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Michigan Association of Planning’s Transportation Bonanza 6. Among the stellar list of speakers was Ian Lockwood, P.E. of Toole Design Group. He gave a terrific presentation entitled “Prepare for the Biggest Paradigm Shift in 75 Years.”

During his speech, Mr. Lockwood, who is both an engineer and a planner (he must have some really intriguing debates with himself – lol), included some delightful cartoons he had drawn that are often spot-on in terms of the contrasts between planning and engineering approaches to resolving transportation issues. Below are two of my favorites. I think most of us can certainly relate to each. Personally, I hope he publishes a book of the cartoons, as they are very well done.


Source: Ian Lockwood via

Source: Ian Lockwood via


Source: Ian Lockwood via

Source: Ian Lockwood via

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3 Responses to The visual wit of Ian Lockwood

  1. Tim Potter says:

    Great ‘toons! How Japanese parents “drive” their bikes w/ their kids:
    (jump to 1:15 if you want to go straight to the good stuff):


  2. Actually, the cartoon about the post-“improvement” curb location could have been taken from reality in Chicago and probably other places, when streets have been widened.


  3. So true that school/parent one!


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