Billion dollar ‘cry’ babies



I am little curious if anyone else in the planning or development review profession has noticed the following:

Those applicants (developers, businesses, or firms) with the deepest pockets are the ones most likely to whine about the application requirements. It doesn’t matter whether it is the fee, the number of copies, the rules, or the required ancillary materials, they tend to be the ones who cry and complain like Billion Dollar Babies.

Please feel free to pass along any funny or interesting stories.

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1 Response to Billion dollar ‘cry’ babies

  1. Keith Aotearoa says:

    Are you kidding? I’m a transportation planner. The land use planning requirements for transportation infrastructure projects – one agency to another – are just idiotic. Cities complain about congestion, then they make (1) reasonably dense urban projects impossible to do (2) without tons of parking (3) before they then complain about the traffic impacts. But my job is even worse because land use planners refuse to accept that there’s any causal effect on transportation of their zoning and parking requirements.


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