Earth acne amid equatorial glaciers

Below is a satellite image of the Grasberg Mine amid the snowy high peaks of far eastern Indonesia. To the right of the mine itself are several glaciers. Hopefully neither the existing mine and/or any future extension(s) will harm the glaciers, which are quite uncommon at this equatorial latitude.  Global warming is melting them away all too fast as it is. Sadly, there has been environmental damage resulting from tailings runoff into rivers from this mine.



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1 Response to Earth acne amid equatorial glaciers

  1. Pardon me for not taking the time to find this on the map – I’m multi-tasking now – but “far eastern Indonesia” and “glaciers” says one place to me: the Island of New Guinea, politically divided between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. I have always thought this island should belong, politically, only to its native inhabitants. If my map location is correct, this mine is also an example of Indonesia’s rapacious exploitation of what is really a colony in all but name.


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