Memorable quotes from MAP’s Transportation Bonanza 6

thCAU7SJJBHere’s my list of some of the best and most memorable quotes (sometimes paraphrased) that were heard at the Michigan Association of Planning’s (MAP’s) Transportation Bonanza held on December 11th in Lansing. Enjoy!

  •  “A vision needs a plan; otherwise, it’s a dream.” (Ian Lockwood, PE)


  • “In Houston, the last thing you put on when you get up in the morning is your car.” (Ian Lockwood, PE)


  • “It’s not what the AASTHO guidelines say, it’s how you interpret them.” (Ian Lockwood, PE)


  • “We are using infrastructure investment to restore humanity.” (Paul Morris, FAICP)


  • “Efficiency is not moving quickly, it’s proximity.” (Hannah Pritchard, PE)


  • “The challenge of a behavior change program is not short-term intervention; it’s getting it to stick.” (Mark Fenton)


  • “We must build communities where people are intrinsically more active.” (Mark Fenton)


  • “Elected, appointed officials, and staff must be supported if expected to act courageously.” (Mark Fenton)


And for my fellow Michiganders:


  • “Ann Arbor-Saline Road at I-94 is not a network…it’s a knot.” (Hannah Pritchard, PE)
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