Seasonal city and town names



Below is my list of cities and towns with one of the seasons in its name. The list does not include community names with obvious references to water(falls) or mineral/hot (springs).

Not surprisingly, “spring” is the most common season term used in place names. Given how many people love fall/autumn, it is quite surprising how few places include those terms in their name. Also surprising is how few places include “summer,” particularly compared to “winter.” Many of the “winter” place names are semi-intentional branding ploys to attract snowbirds, particularly in Florida. It’s interesting that similar place naming has not occurred in other warm-climate states of the Sunbelt.

As always, any additions to the list are most welcome provided they don’t include “springs” and “falls.”

WINTER (10 variations)

  • Winter Beach, FL, USA
  • Winter Garden, FL, USA
  • Winter Haven, FL, USA
  • Winter Park, CO and FL, USA
  • Winterport, ME, USA
  • Winters, CA and TX, USA
  • Winterset, IA, USA
  • Winter Springs, FL, USA
  • Winterville, GA, USA
  • Wintersville, OH, USA

SPRING (27 variations)

  • Primavera, Brazil and Chile
  • Spring, TX, USA
  • Spring Arbor, MI, USA
  • Springboro, OH, USA
  • Spring City, PA, TN, and UT, USA
  • Spring Creek, NV, USA
  • Springdale, AR, OH, PA, and SC, USA and NF, Canada
  • Springer, NM and OK, USA
  • Springfield, MO, MA, IL, OH, and many other states, USA and ON, Canada
  • Spring Garden Estates, MD, USA
  • Spring Green WI, USA
  • Spring Grove, IL, MN, and PA, USA
  • Springhill, LA, USA
  • Spring Hill, FL, KS, PA, and TN, USA
  • Spring Hope, NC, USA
  • Spring Lake, MI, NJ, NC, USA
  • Spring Lake Heights, NJ, USA
  • Spring Lake Park, MN, USA
  • Springlee, KY, USA
  • Springport, MI, USA
  • Springside, SK, Canada
  • Springtown, TX, USA
  • Springvale, ME, USA
  • Spring Valley, CA, IL, KY, MN, NV, NY, TX, and WI, USA
  • Springview, NE, USA
  • Springville, AL, CA, IA, and NY USA
  • Springerville, AZ, USA

SUMMER (9 variations)

  • El Verano, CA, USA
  • Summer City, MD and TN, USA
  • Summerfield, NC, USA
  • Summerland, CA, USA and BC, Canada
  • Summerside, OH, USA and PEI, Canada
  • Summerton, SC and TN, USA
  • Summertown, TN, USA
  • Summerville, GA and SC, USA
  • Summersville, MO and WV, USA

FALL/AUTUMN (7 variations)

  • Fall Branch, TN, USA
  • Fallbrook, CA, USA
  • Fall City, WA, USA
  • Fall Creek, WA, USA
  • Fallon, NV, USA
  • Fall River, MA and WI, USA and NS, Canada
  • Fall River Mills, CA, USA
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4 Responses to Seasonal city and town names

  1. Vimal Kumar says:

    Thanks for sharing a good compilation .
    Please add ” Vasant Kunj “( New Delhi , India ) .
    Vasant means Spring.
    Vimal Kumar


  2. I have doubts about a number of the names with “spring” and “fall” in them, especially the spring names in the West and some fall names in the East. I don’t have time now to look up all the histories of these names. I can say, there is a “fall line” near the Eastern Seaboard along which many cities began, when they needed the head of water for mills. Unfortunately these associations are not necessarily obvious.
    I did look up the origin of Fallon, Nevada. It’s named after Mike Fallon and his family who settled there in 1896.


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