Reese Witherspoon goes “Wild” on the big screen



Five of us had the chance to see the movie depiction of Cheryl Strayed’s marvelous book Wild last night. While film adaptations of books can sometimes be disappointing, in this case the effort done to accurately represent the book by the screenwriter, the director, and the actors was phenomenal. Wild literally comes to life, step-by-arduous-step, right before your eyes. Reese Witherspoon IS Cheryl Strayed in this film and literally goes Wild on the big screen.

Reese’s portrayal will certainly earn her many nominations and hopefully she will receive many awards. To me, the movie Wild is Reese’s most brilliant and grittiest performance thus far in her acting career. Laura Dern deserves many kudos as well for her fine portrayed of Cheryl’s mother.

Go see Wild, as you will not be disappointed. All five of us (two of which have read the book) highly recommend it. Cheers!



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  1. I’ll certainly give it a look if it comes around our way – we’re quite rural though and so it could take a while…


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