“Seasoning” cities and towns

Source: crateandbarrel.com

Source: crateandbarrel.com

A little salt and pepper to season things here on Panethos. Spanish language cities with “Salto” in the name were not included as this means “falls” nor was “Saltillo” as it means “little falls.”  The largest of these salty cities are Salt Lake City, Utah; Bidhannager, India; Salzburg, Austria; and Salinas, Californina.

Any additions to this list are most welcome!


  • Alcacer do Sal, Portugal
  • Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany
  • Bad Salzuflen, Germany
  • Bad Salzunger, Germany
  • Bidhannagar, India (is more commonly called “Salt Lake City” as it is a new city built on a reclaimed salt lake)
  • North Salt Lake, UT, USA
  • Saladablanco, Colombia
  • Salamina, Colombia
  • Salina, Italy and Malta
  • Salina, KS, CO, NY, OK, PA, and UT, USA
  • Salinas, CA, USA and Ecuador
  • Saline, MI, USA
  • Saline City, IN and MO, USA
  • Salineville, OH, USA
  • Saltaire, NY, USA and UK (thank you, David)
  • Saltdale, CA, USA
  • Salt Flat, TX, USA (thank you, Chris)
  • Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • Salt Lick, KY, USA
  • Salton City, CA, USA
  • Saltsburg, PA, USA
  • Salt Springs, FL, USA
  • Saltville, VA, USA
  • Salty, TX, USA
  • Salzburg, Austria
  • San Pablo de las Salinas, Mexico
  • South Salt Lake, UT, USA


  • Culpeper, VA, USA ??? – unlikely but threw it in for fun
  • Pepperell, MA, USA
  • Pepper Pike, OH, USA

Sources: personal knowledge and en.wikipedia.org

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4 Responses to “Seasoning” cities and towns

  1. Well it appears salt is more popular than pepper. Two towns might be added to the list:
    Saltaire, UK a model village founded by Sir Titus Salt, and Saltaire, NY, USA, a village on Fire Island near New York City.


  2. Chris says:

    Salt Flat, Tx near Guadalupe Mts Nat’l Park.


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