Earth acne creep across boreal Alberta

Here are two satellite views of the expanding Earth acne in the tar sands region of Alberta. The photo on the right is the most recent photo and shows mining has spread across the Athabasca River. Below this comparison is a far gloomier picture from just above Earth level of the vast devastation that occurs to the boreal forest.

Perhaps, the recent drop in oil prices will abate this extraction temporary, but in the long run, it will continue to destructively creep across the landscape.



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2 Responses to Earth acne creep across boreal Alberta

  1. Lance Arneson says:

    I always get a kick out of balanced editorials. You obviously have no background on facts and are simply causing a rift between the real environmentalists and laymen. The real guys are in Fort McMurray talking with industry and changing the face of surface mining. They are the ones that have the ear of industry and really care about the end-game in mining. I am sure it will come as a shock to you that all of the disturbed lands will be changed back to original foliage once the mining is complete. As well there is technology in motion that is eliminating the need to expand tailings ponds and speed up the return of all of these disturbed lands.
    As for you, I know that you are so concerned for the environment that you are typing out your editorial on a computer made of recycled fibers and powered by green energy. And when you drive home at the end of the day I am sure it will be completely naked so you don’t have to wear clothing produced by any elements in the oilsands, and it will be on the back of a donkey do you don’t have to add the the fossil fuel issue circumventing the globe.
    I have no problem with editorials that teach people the truth about the world so from now on try to take a balanced approach to informing the public at large. They are not as uninformed as you are.


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