Melbourne to join the 1,000 foot+ skyscraper club



Above is an image of the Australia 108 which is to be constructed in the Southbank section of Melbourne, Australia. The impressive residential tower will be 1,047 feet (319 meters) in height when completed and will replace the 978 foot tall Eureka Tower (another residential tower) as the city’s tallest building.


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2 Responses to Melbourne to join the 1,000 foot+ skyscraper club

  1. innocent_bikestander says:

    Being in Melbourne, Australia, I can tell you that these buildings are not without controversy. Our planning system has become highly politicised – the old Planning Minister (a Liberal guy called Matthew Guy) approved high rise after high rise but 1) without consultation with the public and 2) without considering what else may be required in a city aside from where people live (increased transport, more hospitals, schools, supermarkets etc. 3) there are no minimum design standards so many of them are little larger than shoe boxes and all are one or two bedroom, limiting who will buy them. It’s all a little bit of a nightmare as when Mr Guy left office (we’ve just had a change of government), there was no less than 97 highrise apartment buildings that had been signed off. This is a Planning Minister whose not so great legacy will be felt for some time yet.

    Rant over.


  2. problogic says:

    Thank you for the feedback and helpful information. Too bad there was not more input. NYC is seeing a similar boom in tall residential towers, some of which are controversial in their design and placement.


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