Nutty city and town names



Here’s my list of cities and towns named for or which by chance or purpose have the name of a nut in their title. Any additions to the list are most welcome. Of these, by far the largest is Walnut Creek, California near Oakland with a 2010 population of more than 64,000. Cheers!

  • Almendra (Almond), Portugal
  • Almond, North Carolina, USA
  • Almond, Wisconsin, USA
  • Brazil, Indiana, USA
  • Butternut, Michigan, USA (ghost town)
  • Butternut, Wisconsin, USA
  • Butternuts, New York, USA
  • Cashew City, Bermuda
  • Castagna (Chestnut), Italy
  • Castana (Chestnut), Iowa, USA
  • Chestnut, Louisiana, USA
  • Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA
  • Chestnut Ridge, New York, USA
  • Coconut Creek, Florida, USA
  • Coconut Grove (part of Miami), Florida, USA
  • Malabar, Florida, USA
  • La Bellota (Acorn), Mexico
  • La Chapelle du Noyer (Walnut Chapel), France
  • Le Noyer (Walnut), France
  • Nogal (Walnut), New Mexico, USA
  • Pacana (Pecan), Mexico
  • Pecan City, Georgia, USA
  • Pecan Gap, Texas, USA
  • Pecan Hill, Texas, USA
  • Pignut Gully, Texas, USA
  • Pine Nut, Nevada, USA
  • Pinyon Crest, California, USA
  • Pinyon Flats, California, USA
  • Playa del Coco (Coconut Beach), Costa Rica
  • Walnut, California, USA
  • Walnut Creek, California, USA
  • Walnut Grove, Georgia, USA
  • Walnut Grove, Iowa, USA
  • Walnut Grove, Minnesota, USA
  • Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, USA

Sources:, maps,, and personal knowledge

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