Midtown Detroit’s boom shifts into high gear!

Source: malinoconstruction.com

Back in 2011, panethos.com highlighted the early stages of a boom taking place in Midtown Detroit. While so much of the national media was solely focused on the bad news coming from the Motor City, it completely missed the bright spots arising in this great, great city. Well, four years later and Midtown Detroit has become “THE” place to be.

Aside from the new construction projects, there are many exciting renovation/rehabilitation efforts, adaptive reuse of stellar historic buildings into mixed uses, trendy shopping and dining options, alternative/active transportation improvements, as well as hip art and cultural programs underway. Here are just a few examples of what’s taking place there.

Source: freep.com

Carhartt’s flagship store – Source: freep.com

  • The M-1 Light Rail project continues under construction along the Woodward Avenue Corridor. It will link Downtown with Midtown and the New Center, and is to be completed by 2017. Below is a conceptual image of the line in Midtown.
Source: m-1rail.com

Source: m-1rail.com

Wayne State Physician's Group - Source: crainsdetroit.com

Wayne State Physician’s Group – Source: crainsdetroit.com

Strathmore Hotel - Source: crainsdetroit.com

Strathmore Hotel – Source: crainsdetroit.com

Source: crainsdetroit.com

Source: crainsdetroit.com

Source: curbeddetroit.com

Cass Plaza – Source: curbeddetroit.com

  • Directly next door to Cass Plaza, the 110-year old Davenport has undergone a simply stunning transformation.
Source: curbeddetroit.com

The Davenport – Source: curbeddetroit.com

  • The Midtown Greenway Loop is partially completed, with additional segments under construction linking Midtown to the waterfront via the Dequindre Cut Greenway.
  • The Detroit Medical Center completed construction in 2014 of its new $111 million heart hospital in Midtown.
  • The Green Alley Project is restoring and rehabilitation several alleys in Midtown by utilizing crowdfunding and other resources to improve stormwater control, enhance area aesthetics, and improve walkability/bikeability.
  • Shinola opened its flagship retail store in Midtown during 2013 and produces high-quality watches in the historic Argonaut Building (Now the Taubman Center for Design Eduction)  in adjacent the New Center business district.
  • Midtown’s iconic Hammer & Nail Building (below) will be renovated for $20 million and converted into 75 apartments with completion expected in 2016.
Source: mlive.com

Source: mlive.com

Midtown Detroit sponsored a recent art competition called Midtown Viaducts. The chosen entries will add displays of public light and artistry to several active railroad viaducts in the TechTown section of Midtown.

Source: rhizome.com

Source: rhizome.com

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2 Responses to Midtown Detroit’s boom shifts into high gear!

  1. John D. Said says:

    This is wonderful to see. I’m a Detroit-area native, and seeing this revitalization, after decades of decline, is beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve visited “The D” many times, most recently including a lovely Christmastime trip that included skating at Campus Martius and a dinner at the Hockeytown Café, and a delightful summer 2014 visit including a stay at a lovely historic inn (The Inn on Ferry Street), a visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts, and an event at the Eastern Market. So proud of my hometown!


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