Can you guess the city? (special edition)

wikiI stumbled across this impressive image a couple of days ago. For your consideration, the picture above is an absolutely stunning image of one of the world’s most remarkable and loftiest cities.  All the best on identifying this city.

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8 Responses to Can you guess the city? (special edition)

  1. Ken Germani says:

    Lhasa, Tibet?


  2. Drat! I thought Lhasa before I even looked at the picture! Is that fast enough? Can I get a point for saying “That’s a Lhasa nice scenery there!”?


  3. problogic says:

    Excellent, Jean! You are correct and the second person to get it.


  4. problogic says:

    Lol – nice one. Yes you get a bonus point.


  5. When I looked at the date of the original post, I realized this was the day I spent making a special tote bag for a friend. At some point, I sorted my email, but didn’t do much except for clearly urgent items. A slow computer discourages thoroughness, when the day has a higher priority. Also, I’ve pretty much given up on this series of photo quizzes, because I’m not familiar with many international city-scapes. Congratulations to you who know a lot more.


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