Hipsterhoods of mid-sized Rust Belt cities (updated)

Source: crmainstreet.org

Source: crmainstreet.org

Based on an inquiry from a reader, I delved further into the topic of hipster neighborhoods of the Rust Belt, in a an attempt to identify/locate those found in mid-sized cities/metro areas. While not as prevalent as in  the larger markets, I did find a few.

Several cities with large universities like Bloomington, IN (Indiana); Ithaca, NY (Cornell); and Champaign-Urbana, IL (Illinois), hipsters can be found pretty much throughout the community.  While this is true, they are not necessarily clustered in specific neighborhoods. Iowa City, IA (home of the University of Iowa) is an exception, as the West Side neighborhood was identified by realtytrac.com as one of the nation’s top 25 hipster zip codes.

3/10/15 UPDATE: Ypsilanti, Michigan, just east of Ann Arbor and home of Eastern Michigan University is occasionally referred to as “Hipsilanti.”

8/10/15 UPDATE: added Traverse City, Michigan whose downtown is about as hipster cool as you can get.

Other similar collegiate cities like Lafayette-West Lafayette, IN (Purdue); Terre Haute, IN (Indiana State); DeKalb, IL (Northern Illinois); South Bend, IN (Notre Dame); Oxford, OH (Miami); Muncie, IN (Ball State); State College (Penn State); Ames, IA (Iowa State); and Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA (Northern Iowa) do not seem the have significant hipster populations/enclaves, or at least not large enough to create noticeable buzz on the net and other media.

The ten additions are listed below:

Sources (aside from those highlighted above):

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