It’s a beach, not a litter box for plastic!

Photo by Kathy Donahue

Photo by Kathy Donahue

This disgusting and disgraceful view is what we were greeted with upon arriving at the beach of San Jose Island on the Texas Gulf Coast 10 days ago.  The largely uninhabited island sits on the north side of the mouth of the Aransas Pass Shipping Channel near Corpus Christi. Anyone who thinks plastic pollution is no big deal needs to have their head examined.



Thankfully, a clean-up is planned, but the fact that this much plastic $#!t can wash ashore and accumulate on a lovely beach in the first place is downright maddening. We, collectively as society, should be ashamed!

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4 Responses to It’s a beach, not a litter box for plastic!

  1. I’m not a litterbug and will not share in any “collective” shame about this trash. I’d like to see some surveillance cameras to try to ID the perps.


  2. Sam Eguriase says:

    I suppose solid waste tracking and management is indeed a big problem globally and a lot more needs to be done than is currently the case.


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