Dim the lights and celebrate International Dark Sky Week!

Source: Jacob W. Franks via darksky.org

Source: Jacob W. Franks via darksky.org

Begun in 2003, International Dark Sky Week celebrates the awesome glory of the night sky while also informing the public of threats from sky glow, glare, and other forms of light pollution. In 2015, International Dark Sky Week takes place from April 13-April 19.

Goals of the week include the following:

Dark Sky Week Goals

  • Inspire people to celebrate the beauty of the night sky
  • Raise awareness about the negative effects of light pollution
  • Embolden folks to Take Action!

Source: darksky.org

With lovely spring weather across much of the nation, it should be a great time to spend an evening or two admiring and enjoying the heavens above, while also remembering the need to limit light pollution. Otherwise, the amazing image at the beginning of this post, which was taken at Arches National Park in Utah, will become more and more difficult to replicate in the future. Salud!

Source: pollutionissues.com

Source: pollutionissues.com



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1 Response to Dim the lights and celebrate International Dark Sky Week!

  1. The sky was a bit darker than normal last Thursday after 8 tornadoes hit northern Illinois. My main concerns are with proper cleanup and better rebuilding. I’m working hard to spread the URL of my website, but so far no one seems to be biting. Dark Sky Week suggests another consideration for post-tornado rebuilding: use lighting choices which keep the sky as dark as possible. If anyone can reach out to those people responsible for rebuilding – not just private buildings, but also any public lighting – it would help.


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