Why we ride…in silence

Bicycle Trax

Source: northwestcrossing.com Source: northwestcrossing.com

On this particular race day, ten kids ranging in age from eight to 15 were lined up waiting for the start of our neighborhood bike race. Some were perched upon slick ten speeds, others like me, astride our three-speed, banana seat, Sting-ray, raring to go. When you grow up in Indianapolis, racing must be in your blood, because every May we would hold a bike race around our loop of a subdivision. Five laps to determine the supreme bicycling champion of Delaware Trails.

What we had not counted on was everyone’s desire to make that first turn within the same narrow space. Who cared if the pavement was nearly 30 feet wide, only about five feet of it was “the groove,” the place where you get the best position going into a ¼ mile long straight-away. Needless to say, if any of the ten of us had considered…

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