Unofficial guide to hipster neighborhoods in Mexico



For Cinco de Mayo, Panethos is posting  a list some of the cool, hipster neighborhoods and communities that can be found in Mexico. Both Roma Norte and Roma Sur (usually just referred to as Roma) in the capital of Mexico City are often listed among the world’s top hipster neighborhoods.

Sadly, because of the ever-fluid cartel violence, it is best to inquire before traveling to or moving to Mexico, particularly those areas close to the border with the USA or where cartel violence is known to be prevalent. As recently as the mid to late 2000s, Tijuana was best to be avoided due to the danger. According to more recent reports, it has rebounded. Meanwhile, the Barrio Antiguo in Monterrey used to be a top hangout of hipsters, until violence began sweeping over that fine city. Salud!


Merida: El Centro

Mexico City:

Puebla: Cholula/Container City

Tijuana: Zona Centro


Sources (in addition to those above):

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