A luminous urban Pearl (street)

Source: wikimedia.org

Boulder County Courthouse – Source: boomsbeat.com

There really is no other street like in the United States. The Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder, Colorado is an iconic place; and urban planner’s dream come true of walkable, urban shopping and entertainment packed into four glorious blocks between 11th and 15th Streets in the heart of this Front Range metropolis. Where other downtown open air malls have failed and been reopened to motor vehicles, Pearl Street stands the testament of time and success.  So much so, that in 2017, it will celebrate its 40th birthday.

Source: blogtherockies.com

Source: blogtherockies.com

Each time I have visited Boulder, I have been drawn to Pearl Street – to shop its eclectic mix of retail offerings – to dine and drink at its watering holes and bistros; to enjoy the fun and spontaneity of its artists, musicians, and street performers; to people watch; and to experience unique events such as the University of Colorado Buffaloes and marching band parading through downtown on a Friday night before a home football game.

Source: pinterest.com

Source: pinterest.com

Some personal favorites along the Pearl Street Mall include:


Source: tripadvisor.co.uk

Source: tripadvisor.co.uk

The mall is bookended by great shopping and dining in the West End and East End districts and includes my favorite dining spot in the entire city – West End Tavern.  Any visit to Boulder (or Denver) must include a trip to luminous Pearl Street. It will definitely light up your day!  Namaste.

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2 Responses to A luminous urban Pearl (street)

  1. Motorvillboy says:

    I remember being pretty impressed with Pearl Street the one time I visited in about 1996 myself. How about a post that inventories successful pedestrian streets in the US, or perhaps one on ped streets that have been returned to mixed traffic?


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